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Company History

Advanced landscaping was developed by Duxbury High School graduate, Paul Morrison, and began as a sole proprietorship in 2000.


Paul worked part time at Advanced Landscaping, and a fellow landscaping company, while attending Bentley College in Waltham, MA.


Paul began working full time at Advanced Landscaping after graduating with a Finance degree after a brief stint working as a fund accountant at State Street Bank. Once he realized his passion for the outdoors, gardening, and chasing the American dream, he invested his then life savings of $1,400 into his first truck, a 1993 Ford pick-up.


With the help of his younger brother, friends, and aquaintences who were willing to help, and a donation of hand tools from his parents back yard shed, the business began acquiring customers one by one through word of mouth and a small classified ad in the local newspaper, the Duxbury Clipper.


An opportunity in 2006 to buy 10 lawns from a local service provider was taken, and provided enough work to justify buying Advanced Landscaping's first commercial lawn mower. This was the start of our extensive lawn mowing service, the backbone of the business to this day.


The business eventually acquired its much needed first dump truck, "Bessy," a 1988 Ford custom dump truck. This expanded our service offererings and the amount of customers we could take on. The world of used trucks and the need to maintain them, as well as the need to maintain equipment led to several key relationships, and many humbling experiences as an entreprenuer.


One of these key relationships was between Paul and Gary Waddell in 2006, when I was in desperate need of mechanical help. Gary, having had many more years of experience under his belt, was more than willing to help. Having a landscape construction division, this also led to an unofficial partnership between Gary and Paul, again increasing our service offerings.


In 2012, Advanced Landscaping acquired GDW Landscaping's maintenance division. This led to the expansion into Hanover, Hingham, Norwell, and Cohassett. Key employees, additional equipment, and many wonderful customers consequentially added to our already solid base.


Advanced Landscaping officially incorporated in 2013 after the acquisition was completed. Disciplined money management and building solid relationships within its business network has allowed Advanced Landscaping the ability to upgrade all of its trucks & equipment, the final step in offering a premier landscaping service.


Paul's American dream and initial investment of $1,400, has turned into Advanced Landscaping, Inc., a company that now services much of the South Shore, has dedicated, trained, full-time employees, a growing fleet of new trucks & equipment, intricate relationships with suppliers, mechanics & sub-contractors, a wide range of service offerings, and most importantly, the best customer base a business owner could ask for.


Being witness to countless hours of anonymous hours of hard work culminating into a great business, and a sincere appreciation of the opportunity to work, is why Advanced Landscaping always will have "Service with a smile!"


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